Sprouting Expansion

Winter passes (BYE!) and we are finally free from the caves of hibernation. Spring begins to fasten her buckles for something new, fresh, and revitalizing to come forward.

The Spring Equinox (for the northern hemisphere) happens this Wednesday, 3/20/29, along with a super ful moon in Libra. Whatever you have been growing for ourself in relationships or partnerships of any kind will get activated with energetic vigor. The spring equinox marks the start of the zodiac, Aries. We left Pisces, the last of the 12 zodiac signs, leaving behind emotion, internal development & deepening our understanding of ourselves- motives, desires, big dreams, inspirations- and we bring them forward into Aries-the individual, stand-out-from-the-crowd enthusiasm. Aries wants you to show who you really are and have a voice to be seen and heard. Now fits the appropriate time to produce the goals that have been in the works. If many ideas are forming now, keep tabs and notice which ones you keep revisiting. Those that stand out will land with strength and force. Can you feel the fiery energy of Aries?

Opposing us for the equinox is the Full moon in Libra, pointing us to balance and partnerships. The duality of “we” and “I” plays a strong chord within us all and asks these types of questions: What can I grow to help others? How does my work affect the whole? How can we work together? What am I doing for myself to create balance?

Libra enjoys company and partnership that harmonizes easily. Aries is counterbalanced by Libra in the most lovely way that makes us feel in proportion. Does that make sense?

Sometimes we contrive grandiose plans for ourselves without thinking things through or making sure details are managed. Libra asks us to suspend our actions and determine if our plans are prime options for ourselves and the other people in our tight circle.

This full moon map out your plans in terms of “we.” What needs to be release, allow to slide off like a snake shedding its skin. Underneath lies smoothness and glowing readiness for what awaits you.

Enjoy Spring! Xoxo

Ritual with grace

Full moon and Emeralds

The Taurus Full Moon has passed. What did you plant into the Earth for growth, nurturance, and ? Taurus gives us a slow steadiness that progress at a seemingly turtle pace. Let that not discourage, but empower us to put forth the efforts and hard work that Taureans love to give.

What do I do for a full moon?
-I pull cards
-I meditate with crystals that call upon me, eager to work.
-I create crystal grids.
-I place some crystals in the moonlight.
-I smudge myself with sage and palo santo.
-I anoint myself with oils.

The act of ceremony and calling upon the four corners, my ancestors, my guides, and angels to help guide me to my steadfast truth , creates ritual assisting me in cultivating my hearts desire. What gives me passion? What makes me shake that I want it so badly? What can I do to make my dreams a reality?

Working with Emerald holds so much space for growth into the heart center. The ancient ones call this a manifestation stone to help attract what your heart desires to you. But one must have trust within themselves. One must be honest with goals and mindset. This stone goes back to 4000 BC and was worn and adored by Cleopatra. Emerald is a seers stone and is one of the semi-precious gems (ruby, emerald, sapphire, and Diamond).

Emeralds are great for domestic bliss as well, working into the depths of the heart chakra and allowing for openness and connection with the relationships in your life. Emeralds are stones of loyalty and trust, so when working with an emerald, one must be honest with their intentions. If you’ve worked with this stone before, please give some insight and share your own experiences. I’m brand new to this stone and I’m loving it!

Thank you,