Leo New Moon Total Solar Eclipse

Are you curious what to do with the New Moon Leo Solar Eclipse in Leo energy right now? Maybe you’re already on top of things or maybe you’re trying to figure it all out. Here’s my perspective and insight on how to use this energy for your benefit and to help you leverage your personal development, new projects, or upcoming goals and creations that you want to attract in your life.

The Leo personality is one of excitement, fun, passion, joyful, child-like wonder, brave, leader and loyal. Sun rules Leo, which also represents the areas in your life that you need to let shine. The time to hide and reflect is over and now comes the moment that you come out of your shell and really show the world who you are as a person and to take confidence and pride of who you are and what makes you stand out from the masses. Leo is your power and purpose to live/lead your life from what’s important to your heart and soul.

The new moon is the ideal time to reset new intentions and manifest or attract what you want to create in your life. The clearer you can become with these intentions, the more likely to see the payback of this new moon solar eclipse energy. New moons are a time of fresh starts. These new goals you set for yourself now will greatly influence your next 6 months and you will see the transformation of your goals within the next 2 years because of the energy of the solar eclipse.

The Solar eclipse energy is so interesting to me to be working with right now because we are also in a Mercury retrograde (going internal and slowing down, thinking about how we perceive and receive information and how we express ourselves and our awareness). Solar eclipses blot out the sun, leaving us in shadow. So, whatever we have hiding in shadow will likely surface at this time. Not every person is going to feel this intensely as the next. It really depends on what is going on in your birth chart and where Leo is located on your birth chart. So, whatever thoughts, emotion, or feelings that you have been avoiding, hiding from, distracting yourself with will come up at this time. We all have shadow sides (things we hide, even from ourselves) that we might or might not know about. That’s ok too. We all work with our shadow self when we are ready. As we go through our journey of life the shadow will creep in and we have a choice to deal with it in a healthy way so that we can progress as healthy individuals. If we choose to ignore those shadow aspects they typically come back to resurface as negative emotions that aren’t that pleasant to deal with. I mean, that’s why we avoid them in the first place.
So, use kindness and compassion for yourself when handling the tough stuff. Solar eclipse energy brings about a massive shift because we become deeply self-aware and there is an enormous amount of power when we look at aspects that aren’t working in our lives and discover ways to transform our personalities. Huge shifts will happen.

Some exercises to do for setting intentions to leverage your personal goals include:
-writing down on paper what you want to attract in your life no matter how crazy big or small they are. Write everything down.
-image yourself already having what you have. This is a form of visualization that can be helpful in receiving messages in how to attain what you want.
-In your mind’s eye (3rd eye) call upon your future self and as them for guidance.
-create affirmations to counter balance the shadow side negative talk that might surface.
-think about how you want to feel when you have this goal and work on aligning yourself from feeling, rather than thinking.
-spread joy, kindness, and gratitude wherever you go to raise your vibration and act from your greatest good.

I really hope this helps you get in connection with the solar eclipse Leo energy coming up this August 21, 2017. Happy New Moon!

Chocolate Tart

Easy Paleo Vegan Chocolate Tart

Summer Recipe Perfect for the 4th of JULY cookout!

The hot summer deters me from turning on my oven. Being a SF/DF/GF girl (95% of the time), I enjoy scouting perfect cold recipes that take are quick and easy to make. Here it is my friends. I found this on Pinterest as a Key Lime Pie and I changed up the ingredients, screwed it up by using kiwi one time, and then finally got it right. Other options for the filling could be altered to your tastes or whatever is in season, like strawberry “cream”, mango, peach, or peanut butter/chocolate/banana combo. Play around!! The best part about the pie is that it’s healthy, tasty, and fast to make for a last minute BBQ!

Everybody, have fun & stay safe!

The Crust:

12 dates

1/2 cup pecans

1/2 cup slivered almonds

1 cup ground flax seeds

1 cup unsweetened coconut

The Filling

2 cans of full fat coconut milk (scoop only the fatty part that collects at the top. If it’s all incorporated together and has not separated, use only 1 full can)

2 avocados

4 tbls raw cacao powder

1/4 cup maple syrup

garnish with raw cacao nibs and unsweetened coconut flakes


Put all ingredients for the crust in a food processor until all of the ingredients are like a fine and evenly processed. Using your fingers or the back of a measuring cup, press it evenly into a pie pan.

Put all the filling ingredients into a blender. Then fill the pie. Top it with some garnish, or leave it clean. Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes. And then nosh until your hearts content! Enjoy.