Calming with Kyanite

Blue kyanite calls me during times that my throat needs soothing, when I feel compelled to deepen a meditative state, or when my intuition sparks into new territory. Blue kyanite is especially good at giving gentle guidance when I feel out of options and spirit enters the scene to show me by using my own internal ancient wisdom.  Metaphysical AF!

The colors can range from light blue green to vibrant blue, to a dark sea green. A few pieces I have were gifted. The woman owns a crystal shop local to me, and she told me they are great pieces to use when skrying. I love the feel of them, so cooling and comforting to hold.  Other kyanite colors available are green, red, orange, and black.

  • high frequency stone
  • helps one speak their truth
  • Helps heal the throat (useful for public speakers)
  • connection into heart center
  • stimulates psychic abilities and spiritual maturation


When my throat bothers me and I feel exhausted from talking, I place a piece on my throat while envisioning blue mist covering my throat chakra. The throat chakra is the center of communication and the way we respond using our voice. The ways in which we express ourselves, how we create boundaries, and how we speak our truth relates to having an over excessive throat chakra or a deficient one. This energy center likes to flow freely with the center of our hearts and the space of our intuition, or higher knowing. 

When the throat feel tight, as if one can’t get their words out, denotes we are holding our thoughts in, denying ourselves from articulating our inner thoughts, what our heart feels, or what our gut knows as fact.  Some may call this a chakra blockage, however I don’t actually see energy as being completely blocked, but rather dense/sparse, or perhaps a slow moving/swift moving. 

Conversely, when we deliver our voice and message with harshness or frustration, anger, or impulsive reactions, this indicates an excessive energy center that needs more structure and soothing energy.  An excessive chakra would feel dense and heavy and might lead to other throat issues like, losing your voice, sore throats, etc. (super common for me). In fact so common that just last year I had surgery to remove one tonsil.  Perhaps that’s why I have so much of it!


Placing blue Kyanite on your 3rd eye 👁 brings heightened awareness of your psychic gifts. Working with this crystal, especially in tandem with moonstone, will allow you to work with your gifts in a systematic and organized fashion. Meaning, you will have the chance to work with your gifts slowly with control rather than all at once, which could easily leave the gifted person overwhelmed and feeling totally bombarded by spirit.  If you ever do feel your 3rd eye over worked or blown open by a random crystal bowl sound healing session (as one does), just place a small piece on your forehead to calm down the energy. 


Gridding with Kyanite is amazing! So, here you can see I have 4 blue kyanite pieces, 4 moonstone pieces, and 4 clear quartz points. The center piece is a selenite sphere. Selenite is a CLEARING mineral and incredibly UPLIFTING and POSITIVE stone.  I put this piece in the middle because I wanted the energy of the surrounding crystals to be elevated in their purpose. The Moonstone is a crystal for DEEP connection to EMOTIONAL wellbeing and PSYCHIC work. She is also related to Venus (retrograde until 11/16) and a perfect stone for getting in touch with my sacred feminine and how I exert and hone myself as a spiritual being. The kyanite relates to VOICE and also psychic development. I keep my grids on my table to meditate with each morning. I try to keep them up for a week or until my cat knocks a stone out of place.

I hope this has inspired you to pick up some kyanite from your local shop! You don’t have a local shop please contact me and I can look for a special piece just for you!

For those who already have kyanite in your collection, what does it bring for you? Calm? Healing? Truth? Let me know in the comments! Thank you.

Namaste & blessed be,



Pushing Through Resistance

Every time we decide to make a big change in our lives or start something brand new, our ego self shows us resistance in the forms of procrastination, fear of starting, making up excuses, and so on. Why does this always happen? We then have the choice to either listen to that little voice inside our heads (I know you know what I’m talking about) or saying, Nope! That voice is not real and I’m not going to listen. Not today!

Moments like these show up so frequently out of fear because realistically, we have to give up so much in order to begin a new way of being or thinking. Mentally, we must set up boundaries within ourselves and with our friends, family, and coworkers. In order to become a positive thinker, we have to give up negative thought patterns and self deprecating behaviors. It is not easy.

Big changes and even smaller changes and shifts happen because we choose them, like starting a Keto-diet, or they are out of our control, like needing to move across country for work or losing our job. Change occurs all the time and it’s so important to talk about because as we enter the Fall season, many changes take place in our lives. Kids go away to school or begin Kindergarten, the energy of life shifts from growth into harvest and storing up reserves for the winter.

We all have moments of resistance ( I think we all do) when we are unconsciously moving through life and allowing things to happen to us. But, when I am conscious about what is happening in my environment I question, why is this happening for me? I understand now that my body requires more rest than I allow. I force myself to slow down. Consciously tuning in to how your body feels is a great way of flowing with the currents of resistance instead of against those currents because this energy is important to flow in congruence. There’s valuable information in why we are blocking or creating friction instead of easing into the unsteadiness or vulnerability of our circumstances.

So for the next few months I will keep pushing and I hope you will too.

Thank you for reading and I’ll talk to you soon.

Retrograde Like WHAT?

Nothing goes as planned. And that’s ok.
Blame it on Mercury retrograde or just a basic unpreparedness, the energy right now feels very dense. It’s not a coincidence. Saturn and Mars are squaring to each other, giving a difficult energy to work with. The harsh lessons of Saturn clash with the go-go motivated energy of Mars in a retrograde, which tells us to slow down to a crawl. When planets go retrograde it gives an illusion of it moving backwards. Technology goes haywire, communication misfires all over the board, at least during a Mercury retrograde.

Boy, am I feeling the throws of it all.

My downstairs ½ bathroom is in upheaval, being turned into a full bathroom. I’m trying to slow down, but at the same time it’s also consignment season, and we are about to go away for 2 weeks to TX and will be staying with my folks. Even though I want to slow down, there’s not much space to do so. I feel cramped and manipulated into a jacket that’s way too small for me. I feel like I can’t breathe in my home, that my kids are always touching me, and that I can’t give enough time and energy to my spouse. I’m doing the best I can!

But it’s all ok because this is going to be over. Soon enough the bathroom will be finished and we will be back to normal. Summer will get here and we will soon be on the beach relaxing.

OILS TO RELAX. All of them. Haha. Just kidding. I have a few favorites that I turn to when I’m feeling like I need more than just a cup of tea.
1. Lavender/Cedarwood/Rosemary (this combination feels relaxing, sleepy, and protective. I use it after a bath before I go to bed.)
2. Peace & Calming (This is a YL oil that is a gorgeous blend that is both peppery and tangerine-y. A must have)
3. Sacred Mountain (Another YL oil that gets your roots seriously connected to the earth to come back to center)
4. Stress Away (A YL blend that feels like a vacation in a bottle. I keep this on me at all times)

CRYSTALS TO RELAX. All of them. Just kidding again! I have my favorites.
1. Smokey Quartz- a super grounding stone and one to remove worries. I keep this nearby and sleep with it under my pillow. My dreams are a little insane right now but I don’t mind. This stone has been a lifesaver!
2. Sunstone- A happy stone that will allow you to see the silver lining in your situation. Perfect for a rainy day or when you have been glum for a few days.
3. Howlite- dissipates anger and anxiety. I love holding this stone when I’m incredibly overwhelmed, which is my trigger for anxiety, anger, and depression. It’s a mood elevator and releases negative emotions.
4. Amethyst- The ultimate calming stone, perfect for meditation and also for placing you in a state of balance. It is also a stone that removes bad or negative repetitive behaviors that are not serving your greatest good.

This past blue moon on 3/31 I decided to make a plethora of moon waters. All you do is to take a stainless steel bowl (bc I live up north and it’s still cold at night) I place about two pinches of salt in the water and dissolve. Then I add my clear quartz in one bowl, and place it outside in the moonlight for the crystals and the water to charge up overnight. With the water I make moon sprays. I put in my favorite essential oils and spray myself with the charged water. It raises my frequency and also gives the room a lift of energetic happiness and bliss.

Crystal Soul Connection

Part of my morning and evening ritual involves sitting and breathing with a different crystal. I avoid using the word meditation here, even though it partially is meditation, but it’s also partially invoking the Oversoul of that particular crystal.

An Oversoul is the Being of a crystal.

Crystal soul connection is the heart connection you make with your crystal, forming a relationship or bond, and using the properties of that crystal to change your life. This is where the magic happens. Messages, images, and intuitive knowledge freely pour from these crystal beings, specimens of the Earth, to help us evolve emotionally, intuitively, and spiritually.

Each day you will receive:
1. An email with a video
2. Writing prompt to encourage you to go inward (deepest depth of your soul)
3. A guided meditation with questions to ask the crystals.

Day 1- Clear Quartz
Day 2- Amethyst
Day 3- Rose Quartz
Day 4- Online gathering to share and connect

March 22-25th- Online program (enjoy from your couch!)

Total- $40

Buy tickets here!