Retrograde Like WHAT?

Nothing goes as planned. And that’s ok.
Blame it on Mercury retrograde or just a basic unpreparedness, the energy right now feels very dense. It’s not a coincidence. Saturn and Mars are squaring to each other, giving a difficult energy to work with. The harsh lessons of Saturn clash with the go-go motivated energy of Mars in a retrograde, which tells us to slow down to a crawl. When planets go retrograde it gives an illusion of it moving backwards. Technology goes haywire, communication misfires all over the board, at least during a Mercury retrograde.

Boy, am I feeling the throws of it all.

My downstairs ½ bathroom is in upheaval, being turned into a full bathroom. I’m trying to slow down, but at the same time it’s also consignment season, and we are about to go away for 2 weeks to TX and will be staying with my folks. Even though I want to slow down, there’s not much space to do so. I feel cramped and manipulated into a jacket that’s way too small for me. I feel like I can’t breathe in my home, that my kids are always touching me, and that I can’t give enough time and energy to my spouse. I’m doing the best I can!

But it’s all ok because this is going to be over. Soon enough the bathroom will be finished and we will be back to normal. Summer will get here and we will soon be on the beach relaxing.

OILS TO RELAX. All of them. Haha. Just kidding. I have a few favorites that I turn to when I’m feeling like I need more than just a cup of tea.
1. Lavender/Cedarwood/Rosemary (this combination feels relaxing, sleepy, and protective. I use it after a bath before I go to bed.)
2. Peace & Calming (This is a YL oil that is a gorgeous blend that is both peppery and tangerine-y. A must have)
3. Sacred Mountain (Another YL oil that gets your roots seriously connected to the earth to come back to center)
4. Stress Away (A YL blend that feels like a vacation in a bottle. I keep this on me at all times)

CRYSTALS TO RELAX. All of them. Just kidding again! I have my favorites.
1. Smokey Quartz- a super grounding stone and one to remove worries. I keep this nearby and sleep with it under my pillow. My dreams are a little insane right now but I don’t mind. This stone has been a lifesaver!
2. Sunstone- A happy stone that will allow you to see the silver lining in your situation. Perfect for a rainy day or when you have been glum for a few days.
3. Howlite- dissipates anger and anxiety. I love holding this stone when I’m incredibly overwhelmed, which is my trigger for anxiety, anger, and depression. It’s a mood elevator and releases negative emotions.
4. Amethyst- The ultimate calming stone, perfect for meditation and also for placing you in a state of balance. It is also a stone that removes bad or negative repetitive behaviors that are not serving your greatest good.

This past blue moon on 3/31 I decided to make a plethora of moon waters. All you do is to take a stainless steel bowl (bc I live up north and it’s still cold at night) I place about two pinches of salt in the water and dissolve. Then I add my clear quartz in one bowl, and place it outside in the moonlight for the crystals and the water to charge up overnight. With the water I make moon sprays. I put in my favorite essential oils and spray myself with the charged water. It raises my frequency and also gives the room a lift of energetic happiness and bliss.

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