Strange occurrences and unexplainable circumstances and entities continue to perch in the center of my normal. It always has from the first time I can hold on to a memory. So, why did I wait so damn long to use a pendulum and adopt it into my divination practices or self care routines? Because I never saw one used before and I did not understand the handling of this particular tool. What makes it move? Can I trust the answers given to me?

Fast forward to now where I use a pendulum every day as a practice of clearing space and unwanted energetic beings or personal energetic heaviness (psychic sludge).

Have you ever used one before? Pendulums are a divination tool used to assist someone in their personal and spiritual lives.
There are so many different types to choose from and not all pendulums will want to work with you. Picking out your own pendulum proves the most assured way to get one that resonates with your frequency.

So, if you have a pendulum sitting on your desk, in a box, or in a drawer, or in a box in a drawer, now you have permission to dust it off and join me for a 40 minute zoom class on how to use your pendulum.

We will go over:
-Practices before using the pendulum & safety (grounding & clearing)
-Creating mindful questions (ego VS. high self)
-Clearing space (books, cards, chakras, furniture, food)
-Noticing true responses and false responses
-Creating pendulum charts
-Finding lost items

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