Elevating your psychic mind

I recently came back from a trip to the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Stunning, breathtaking views of the mountains gave me a sense of elation, which is the exact opposite from what I was expecting to feel. I imagined that the mountains give me a connected sensation to the earth since they are these gigantic structures emerging from the ground. Wrong! We took some amazing hikes and I just wanted to live in the clouds and float forever, but that didn’t happen. Instead, I got back home and faced my task of grounding my energy, which took 7 days, on top of worrying about my family and friends down in Houston being pounded by rain from Hurricane Harvey. My heart breaks for Houston. Everyone is safe, thank God!

While I was there I realized not everyone grounds the same way. File that under DUH! I crave ocean water and will dive in regardless of the frigid temperature. Other people feel most connected going for long hikes in the woods. Maybe the mountains ground you, but not for me.

Why is grounding the most important skill for an empath or psychic intuitive?

In order to reach our higher consciousness, we must root down first. Think of it like this: If we want to jump up onto a bench we must first bend deeply in the knees and boost ourselves upwards. That bending low is the grounding action that’s required to jump. Psychically, we need to energetically root ourselves so that our minds eye can open and access the information from the higher realms and frequencies.
Moving your body is the most effective way, but so is mindfully channeling your energy downward.

With the full moon tomorrow, 9/6/17 in Pisces, the mystical dreamer, grounding ourselves will allow to process the energy surrounding the moon. This moon draws us deep into our subconscious and if we can allow that to happen, removing our ego selves, we can begin to hear the messages coming from beyond. Spirit guides, angels, inner wisdom and our ancestors always have great things to say if we can be still enough to listen. Retrieving that information is easier if we are grounded. Interpreting that information is easier when grounded. Discerning what we receive with full awareness, we can begin to apply it in our lives with integrity and love.

So if you want to improve your intuition, enhance your gifts, or simply meditate with the consciousness of the full moon in Pisces, simply carve out some time tomorrow night and begin to sit still. Ground your energy to a chair or the floor by pressing your pelvis into that surface. In your minds eye, see your energy flowing into the earth and growing roots surrounding you and your home or property.
To ground, use crystals like garnet, copper, or hematite. Then let the crown of your head lift up even taller and call upon your “team” (angels, etc) to guide you and tell you what you need to know today.

You can use crystals like fluorite, labradorite, and amethyst to help raise your vibration and create a safe space for accessing your psychic mind.

Most importantly, have fun!


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