Starting with purpose.

There are many people out there who look forward to and enjoy New Years Eve (NYE) and there are those who detest it. I fall somewhere in the middle. Actually, I used to love it because it was an excuse to drink, but now that I’m on the wagon, I’ll be practicing my alcohol free mixology. Amateurs show up on NYE and for someone who is in recovery, I loathe amateur hour.

BUT, the idea of evaluating and contemplating the completion of one year and the anticipation of goal setting and visualizing the next upcoming year, makes NYE full of hopeful, optimistic possibility.

2015 was filled with surprises (OMG, I’m pregnant!) and a couple of tough moments, but as a whole, I feel good and complete with what 2015 presented me. What will 2016 bring? I know now that I’m all set with surprises. What I really crave is solidity and strength.

Someone in one of my online groups posed a question: What is your word for 2016? Instead of a resolution you think of a word because words hold vibrational power and can set the tone for the year. For instance, in 2014 my word was fearlessness and I came out of the psychic closet and admitted to myself that I needed sobriety. Both of those instances forced me to meet my fears.

My word or words for 2016 are foundation, purpose, and abundance. What are yours?

Stay safe, everyone! Happy New Year!